Welcome to The Spot

Welcome to The Spot

It would please you to know that this is a blog run by a 25 year old black woman who spends most of her time at her day job as an educator. The other moments in her day are spent running a small candle business. So, in essence, this woman has absolutely no life. That woman is me, Asia White, owner and founder of Little Candle Company, LLC. 


Hello and welcome to THE SPOT. Grab some coffee, some tea, a blunt, whatever gets you relaxed and in the mood to read the thoughts of another human being. I’m a relatively boring human who lives a rather extraordinary life. Although this blog is attached to my business, all posts won’t always center business. My business is my baby and as we all know, when mom is falling apart so is everything and everyone else around her. 

So, you’re wondering…Asia, what do we expect from this blog? 

The answer is simple…a little of everything. 

As previously mentioned, you can expect to read posts centered around business related topics, anything from how I choose my fragrances to how I prepare for a collection launch. You can also expect, sparingly, stories from my personal life. I believe in work and play and I also believe that in order for a business to be successful, people have to feel connected to the company in some way. 

So to get that connection going here’s a few things you should know about me and Little Candle Company, LLC: 

Asia White (Owner & CEO) 

  • Birthday: Jan 3rd
  • Born and raised in GA
  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Recent college grad, re-enrolling in her 2nd masters program in August 2022
  • Dog mom to Dutch (or Dutchie as you’ll see me call him)
  • Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 
  • God fearing and spiritual 
  • Standoffish, but I absolutely enjoy people and conversations 
  • Kind-hearted and warm 

Little Candle Company, LLC

  • Anniversary: October 7th 
  • All natural soy wax products (candles and wax melts)
  • All natural room sprays 
  • Started in a one bedroom apartment in Valdosta, GA and moved to my parents house in Atlanta, GA 
  • Hit our first big girl number in sales within the first year
  • Packaged and shipped over 300 orders within the first year

These are just a few highlights to get you an idea of me and the company. I mean, for all you nosey readers please tell me what else you’d like to know in the comments below, lol. I’d love to chat! I truly can’t wait to share stories, business updates, and content with you! 

Love and Light 


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