Pinner Confereence 2022

Pinner Confereence 2022

“Big sh!t poppin’ and little sh!t stoppin’.” -T.I.

AYYEEE!! We’re kind of excited over here (if you hadn’t noticed), and we should be. Little Candle Company, LLC will be at the Georgia Pinners Conference!! 

So…what exactly is it?

In the simplest terms, it’s like a very big popup shop. For two days, multiple businesses from the area gather at the conference where they set up a booth to sell their products. Customers can enjoy a full day of shopping, enjoy classes ranging from cooking to building, and enjoy the experience of making lasting connections. It’s truly a wonderful experience and we can’t wait to participate!! 

Important info!

Where: Cobb Galleria Centre

When: March 11th & 12th

Time: Friday 10am - 8pm & Saturday 9am - 7pm 

Tickets: $10 General admission (for other ticket options please visit 

Because this is a huge event for us, we’re going BIG! We plan to have at least 75% of our inventory at the conference with us. Everything from our candles to our car diffusers. Here’s a list of what to expect: 

  • The Essentials Collection 
  • Written in the Stars Collection (Zodiac Collection)
  • Taste of Home Collection (20% off) 
  • Shapes & Figures (New)
  • Room Sprays
  • Car Diffusers and refills 
  • Midnight Reflections Collection (New)

We’re so excited to be introducing two new collections of candles at Pinners Conference. First up is Shapes & Figures, a four figure collection featuring scents you all know any love. The figures are some you may be used to like the men and women figured candles (Goddess Candles is what has been circulating lately), others are cute shapes I thought would be a nice addition to my company. The Midnight Reflections collection is a man focused collection that features five to six new fragrances (I haven’t decided yet). Some popular scents such as Mahogany Teakwood, Oak For Men, Graphite, and Black Ice will be in this featured collection. I’m so excited to create a collection of candles for the men (and some women) who enjoy those manly fragrances. 

For more information about what Pinners Conference is, when and where to purchase tickets please visit their website To keep up to date with the Pinners Conference follow them on instagram @pinnersconf. For information and updates regarding our participation follow us on instagram @littlecandlecompany.

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