Learning to Decompress in the Midst of Stress

Learning to Decompress in the Midst of Stress

I'm stressed! Send help!

Someone please tell me how I can get my life back? OR better yet, how do I make my small business a big business and my only job? 

Between working full time as an educator, trying to eat right, working out, trying to have a social and love life, and running my small business, I have no time to be, well…me. I’ve not cleaned my room in weeks, my clothes are piled up sky high, and all I can think about is all of the things I have to check off my to-do list. What I want most of all is to disappear to some remote island for a week or two, but then who would show up as me? SO, here I am, showing up consistently as me. And I’ll continue to do that starting with this Saturday. 

This weekend begins the first of a series of weekends dedicated to making products for the Pinners Conference. Over the weekend I received my shipments containing vessels, fragrances, and a plethora of other things that will help me accomplish my goal. I’m excited and completely overwhelmed. I sat down right before ordering products to see what I’d need for Pinners and let me tell you, I’ve never ordered so much product at one time! When everything is all made and ready to go, I’ll have made 390 candles, 96 room sprays, and 96 car diffusers. Though I’m sure I’ve made this amount of product before, not all at the same time.


How do I plan to tackle this huge task?

Easily...sort of:

I set up my first round of candles to be made last weekend so that once I get up on this Saturday morning I’m ready to start a full day of candle making. I plann to make at least two collections of candles each Saturday so that I have time to buy extra labels, wax, or fragrance oil if needed. I still haven't decided if I'll tackle the room sprays and car vessels this weekend or next, but I want to get those made and out of the way as well. 

I figured, if I can do as much as possible (without wearing myself out) each weekend, I might be able to relax the weekend before the Conference. To keep my stress levels down, I'll do a few of these things:

  • continue to workout
  • take walks
  • eat foods that give me energy
  • watch my favorite shows
  • listen to my favorite podcasts

I'll continue to celebrate the 2-3 orders I get a week, the small wins I have with my students in the classroom, and the time I get to spend with those I love, doing things we love. Although I'm overwhelmed (that might be an understatement), something tells me the joy I’ll feel later on will outweigh what I'm feeling right now. Please send me words of encouragement. Lift me up in your prayers. Leave a comment below telling me how you relax, unwind, and celebrate your small victories! 

Love & Light, 


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