New Year, Big Business

New Year, Big Business

Hello and Happy New Year! 

2021 was exciting, right? The whole never ending pandemic thing really spiced up what would have been another regular year. But even with so many of us having to completely change the way we do life, 2021 still turned out to be an amazing year for many of us. Here at Little Candle Company, 2021 was a year of firsts, such as: 

  • Our first ever full year in business! Without you all we couldn’t have made it three months let alone a year! Your constant support is always appreciated more than we can show, or tell, you!
  • In just the first year alone, we fulfilled and shipped out over 300 orders! Kudos to you for constantly keeping us busy. 
  • We were able to be a part of our first ever market, The Candler Black Market. We were overjoyed to have met so many of you in person during those market days. We're looking forward to joining the team who puts it all together again in 2022!
  • We were able to create 5 different collections of candles with a total of 41 different fragrances. All of which constantly stay sold out (you’re really putting us to work) and we’re so grateful for that. 
  • And finally, all 500+ followers on Instagram keep us on our toes! 

Though 2021 was a year of first, 2022 will hold its ground as another year of many first time achievements, invitations, orders, and so much more! Stay tuned, we’re just getting started!!

Love and Light, 


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